Cleaner for LabTech

Cleaner for LabTech is a CCleaner manager that deploys, licenses, analyzes, cleans, stores data inside LabTech, displays computer level and global level statistics of each PC and uninstalls (de-enable) CCleaner all from a simple set of consoles. Everything is automatic so with just a click or 2 you're on your way to full automation. Let me show you some of what we are doing.

This is the Computer level interface

The computer interface is used for manual deployment and scans of a single PC in real time. It will pull the license from the Global Manager and use that when installing the CCleaner client and any configurations you have set in the Global Manager. You do not need to have a different key for each install of CCleaner when using CCleaner's bulk Network or Business Licenses.

Very simple controls, you can Analyze which will do several things.
  • - Checks for and processes old logs just in case they had been missed by previous jobs
  • - Verifies the licensed install of CCleaner and installs if needed
  • - Sets system to Enabled in Global Manager
  • - Analyzes system
  • - Retrieves all log details needed and stores data into LabTech
  • - Refreshes the results tab

Clean will do.
  • - Verify CCleaner install
  • - Clean system
  • - Retrieves all log details needed and stored data into LabTech
  • - Refreshes the results tab


The results tab displays the results from the last scans and cleans and displays that data in both graphical and dataset views. Computer-Results-licensed

Global Manager

The Global Manager is the heart of the system. This is where you configure the global settings for each computer, control the master on/off switch, manage your licenses, enable your computer systems for auto installs and auto cleans, deal with failed CCleaner installs and view the data from all clients combined. There is no manual operation at this level, you set it and forget it, everything is automated at this point from the deployments to the licensing to the analyzing and cleaning.


We have provided a Failed CCleaner Install Manager that will allow you to identify problem systems and from here you can reinstall and see the direct output of the efforts from behind the scenes.


We provide a 30 day look back window to see overall where and how the storage is being consumed and reclaimed gloabl-stats

We provide long term history views into several key aspects of the data being collected picking out the high-end consumers by client, computer and application type for both the Analyzers and the Cleaners.



Now let's talk a little about behind the scenes, What you do not see is the back-end processes that are working to automate the entire process. When you turn Cleaner for LabTech on, it starts a set of processes that manage the deployment, licensing scanning and cleaning based on your configurations. As Cleaner for LabTech starts it's tasks it is ticketing its time spent and recording those results in the tickets. This adds the value and trackability to the work preformed by Cleaner.

So as you can see, there is a lot of stuff going on in this plugin.

Let's get Cleaning!