What Does It Cost?

Buying licenses of CCleaner for Business from LabTech currently costs between ¢.40 cents and ¢.50 cents a month per PC. You are still lacking any real automation of CCleaner and that's where we come in. Without Cleaner for LabTech you must manually install CCleaner on each PC, you must login and configure each PC and you will need to repeat this with any changes you make to your configurations. To automate everything from the deployment of CCleaner to the Analyzing and Cleaning processes to global configurations and much more you need Cleaner for LabTech. If you want to see the efforts CCleaner has across your MSP then you need Cleaner for LabTech. The mass data collection and reporting that can be accomplished by Cleaner for LabTech is awesome. Cleaner For LabTech provids you with detailed information about the consumption and reclamation of storage across you client base. You get all the power of LabTech to manage your CCleaner infrastructure for an additional ¢.25 cents per PC a month. What might take one of your helpdesk team members hours to complete in a week can be automated and managed inside of LabTech in minutes. With the results of your labor at your fingertips for detailed customer reporting.


What Do I Get

You get untold hours of your life back each month. You get unencumbered operation of CCleaner for Business across your RMM platform. The power to control different aspects of CCleaner; the collection of data from both the Analyzer and the Cleaner, which is then stored inside your LabTech system, allowing the ability to report on that data. This provides the value back to your customers and some simplicity to back into your day.

Let's Get Started

Tell us a little about your MSP and what your needs are. You will need to provide us with the HostName of your LabTech RMM server so we can validate your membership. You can find this information under the Config Dashboard listed as Hostname under redirector. Your LT Server HostName is very important as it validates your membership, if this is not what is listed as HostName in your redirectors then your membership validation may fail. If this happens contact us here at support and we will get you resolved.

We will need to know how many licensed agents you want to automate in LabTech and how long you would like your membership to last. We do not hold credit card information so we do not offer a reoccurring billing at this time. We will email you prior to your membership expiring, and you will be able to continue your membership from the email or by visiting us here. If your membership has any time remaining in the current membership then during the purchase of a new membership that time will be added to the new membership.


Where did you learn about our product?